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Běijīng I March 18th to April 12th, 2024
Teachers Certificate Workshop & ZhìNéng QìGong Retreat

Dear ZhìNéng QìGong friends, we are pleased to invite you to participate in our “Fourth Teachers Certificate Workshop & ZhìNéng QìGong Retreat” with our beloved teachers Zhang Qing and QiuDeMing (Helen and Karl) in Beijing, China from March 18th to April 12th, 2024.


This trip has the following goals:

For those who are interested in becoming certified ZhìNéng QìGong teachers, it is necessary to assist to the four weeks intensive workshop and to have good experience in practicing the First level of ZhìNéng QìGong, it is even better if you have experience in the Second and the Third level methods. During this training you will be evaluated by the teachers Zhang Qing and QiuDeMing (Helen and Karl) and if you are ready, you will receive a ZhìNéng QìGong teacher certificate, then you could go back to your country to start teaching this beautiful science.

There are also people who wants to live the experience of practicing ZhìNéng QìGong in Beijing, special place of many high level QìGong teachers, and home of our beloved teacher Pang Ming.

You would receive feedback from teachers Helen, Karl, and Abraham. We will go deep in the practice and theory, thus there is always much more to learn in the broad ZhìNéng QìGong science.

The practice will be intensive along the four weeks of the retreat or the time that you can participate. In the evenings, after Karl and Helen’s classes, there will be also practice and study sessions led by Abraham Vega.

The Program is:

1- Review and go deep in the practice of First, Second and Third ZhìNéng QìGong levels and

several additional methods plus Hún Yuán Qì theory.

2- Go deep in the Yì Yuán Ti theory and practice.

3- Perform experiments.

4- Will visit the beautiful TanZhe Buddist temple, place where teacher Pang lived and wrote the Hún YuánQì theory.

5- Will visit the BaiYunGuan Temple, emblematic Daosit temple.

6- There will be also the opportunity to visit the most emblematic places in Beijing. Through this visits

you would connect with the rich Chinese culture and the thousands of years full of the best


Along this beautiful trip you will be hosted by Abraham Vega, certi ed teacher by Helen and Karl. Abraham will help interpret from English to Spanish for those who do not understand English, and also will help to explain the concepts of ZhìNéng QìGōng. You can read more about our teachers Helen and Karl in the following blog:

Helen & Karl

We will help you to arrange all the reservations with the hotel, training, transport form the airport, visits and meals in Beijing. We will show you how to enjoy Beijing through its eficient subway and buses system to travel safely and economically to visit many touristic places, saving money and visiting more.

The training schedule from monday to saturday will be:

6:00 a 7:00 First session – will be led by Abraham Vega during the first days, then everyone will lead the practice so you can train for your examination.

7:00 a 9:00 Breakfast and time to have a shower and rest.

9:00 to 12:00 Second session – Teacher QiuDeMing “Karl” will lead the practice and lecture.

12:00 to 14:00 One hour for meals and one hour for rest.

14:00 to 16:00 Third session – Teacher QiuDeMing “Karl” will lead the practice and lecture.

16:00 to 18:00 Fourth session – Teacher Zhang Qing “Helen” will lead the practice and lecture.

18:00 to 19:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Abraham Vega will share everything related to doing a workshop and his teaching experience.

Dinner time, make notes, study, practice in group or individually and have a good rest.

Definitively this will be a life-changing experience in many ways and for those who love ZhìNéng QìGōng and want to teach and share this beautiful science with many people, could fulfill thisdream and start a career as ZhìNéng QìGo9ng teachers. You will be highly supported by Vida ZhìNéng QìGōng, you can start teaching using our keynote presentations, videos and audios while you make your own.

Most of the people who have attended this training are already teaching ZhìNéng QìGōng and some of them work full time on it.

Down from here you can check all the details such as costs and schedule. The final details will be

shared with the participants, if you have any doubts you can call us to smooth this process.

Welcome and Hùn Yuán Líng Tong.

Helen, Karl, Andrea and Abraham


Helen and Karl training fee:

$2,500 US dollars

*This is a special price for our group and it covers four weeks of training, from march 18th to April 12th, 2024.


-Hotel reservations and request letters for Visa application.

Vida ZhìNéng QìGong hosting by Abraham Vega:

$870 us dollars considering four weeks training, plus four tourist days in Beijing,

from the departure date March 15nd from Mexico City to the return day on April


*If you assist fewer days, the cost would be $30 US dollars per day.


-Technical Interpretation during all classes, translation from English to Spanish.

-Workshop “How to start teaching”  rst, second and third level of ZhìNéng QìGōng (technical, administrative, pedagogical, marketing, contents, and skills to develop).

-Touristic visits (Taoist Temples in Beijing, Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden

City, Olympic zone, 798 Art zone, etc… entrance fees not included)

-Morning practice and evening class.

Course start date : Monday, March 25th
Course end date: Friday, March 12th


From Mexico City round trip / around $2,300 US dollars

Everyone buys his/her own ticket.

Need to arrive on march 17th the latest because the training workshop starts on

march 18th 2024.


About $30 US dollar daily.

Consider $900 US dollar for all the meals


Single room with big bed- $560 yuan per day ($78 US dollar)

Single room with small bed- $430 yuan per day ($60 US dollar)

Double room – $650 yuan per day ($91 US dollar) (if you share room the price is half – $45.5)

These prices may change. Consider a 10% variation.

IN TOTAL, CONSIDER AROUND $7,890US DOLLARS. This price could change due to currency

exchange rates between dollars and yuan, the price of your airplane ticket and tourist places fees.

This trip will be confirmed with a minimum of 10 people who assist the four

weeks, thus we will appreciate your early confirmation.

If you are interested, please call us to Mexico City +(52) 55 3403 2199 or +(52)555847 2355 with Abraham Vega.

25 people maximum.

*It is necessary to buy your airplane ticket and make a deposit of $150 US dollar

to con rm your participation. The rest of the payment coul be coverd one week before departure. Final details will be informed to the participants.

Welcome and Hùn Yuán Líng Tong.

Helen, Karl, Andrea and Abraham

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